Global pharmaceutical company uses Krysteline Technology to de-package glass vials.

Many pharmaceutical companies package products in glass vials, in many cases over production or rejects generate high disposal costs through a requirement to incinerate. 

A global pharmaceutical company contacted Krysteline for a solution to de-package dry penicillin as the cost of disposal had become excessive and regulations around the products containment and disposal became troublesome for waste management companies


The client requested a solution to dissolve powdered penicillin while also resizing glass vials to <5mm and recovering aluminium and rubber caps. Each vial had previously been sealed with a rubber bung and an aluminium safety ring at the production stage.

Initially trials were undertaken at Krysteline’s UK test facility to determine the most effective solution for resizing the glass vials while efficiently separating rubber and aluminium. Further trials would be required in cooperation with the client to determine the correct fluid flow rates to insure full dissolution of powdered Penicillin.


A variant of the GP200 Imploder originally developed for de-packaging food products was developed for deployment on a variety of pharmaceutical products at multiple sites around the world. 

Where deployed in a pharmaceutical application it is vital for the process to be fully automated, a food grade pillar bin tipper provided not only elevation of the feedstock but also an effective method of sealing the bin to the GP200 insuring integrity is maintained during the process. 

During the vials path through the Imploder spray bars at strategic locations within the feed and discharge zones provide dilution of the penicillin. Once vials are Imploded; the mixture of glass, rubber, aluminium and liquid discharges from the Imploder into a dewatering system which incorporates a receiving hopper, adjustable weir and slow speed screw conveyor. 

Rubber bungs and aluminium sealing rings discharge the dewatering screw onto a Taper Slot Finger Screener where glass passes through the screen deck, rubber and aluminium is retained and discharges to a suitable collection vessel.


Importantly the glass, aluminium and rubber are all of a suitable quality for recycling.

A tailored solution incorporating Bin tipper, Imploder dewatering and screening systems has proved successful in a variety of applications where liquid based nontoxic pharmaceuticals require processing. 

The client has made significant savings in disposal of its vials using the Krysteline solution and is considering other sites where the same technology can be adopted.

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